Month: July 2015

Breaking in New Shoes

I’m in the middle of breaking in new shoes! Thanks to my hubby and an upcoming birthday, I am the owner of a pair of ASICS GEL-Fortify. I’ve only run with them twice, but they seem to be good. I am definitely still getting used to them.

My shoe of choice is the ASICS GEL-Kayano. I have extremely flat feet, so I need shoes that have a lot of support. I once stepped on one of those mats that shows your foot imprint and it was quite comical. When I started running, I was plagued by the dreaded shin splint. They got to be so bad after a while that I thought I had a more serious injury. Turns out I was just wearing the wrong shoe. I went to a running store to have my gait looked at and the sales associated took one look and said, “Whoa! You definitely overpronate.”

I also have Patellofemoral pain syndrome, or simply put, “runner’s knee.” My right knee cap doesn’t track properly, causing a dull knee pain. For me, it’s been chronic. I’ve been dealing with it for almost 15 years. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it comes back with a vengeance.

Anyway, after I started running my knee pain went away almost entirely (ironic, eh?) because my quads and calves became stronger and were able to offer the support my knee cap needed. My legs don’t feel nearly as strong as they did in those earlier running days, and I’m guessing maybe that’s why my knee pain has come back over the last few months. Anyway, I read that flat feet could pull the patella sideways, so I started researching shoes with even more support for severe overpronators.

The Kayanos have been great, and I love them, but they are considered good shoes for neutral and overpronation. The Fortify shoes are new and they are for overpronators and severe overpronators. I figured I’d give them a shot! I definitely feel the support, but they’re a little heavier on my feet, so I need to adjust. ASICS sells NYC Marathon themed shoes each year, and one of the models is the Kayano shoe. I will definitely purchase a pair this year if they are offered!

I’m really hoping to get 10 miles done tonight after work. My husband will accompany me on his bike. I’ll be wearing the Kayanos for that one, though, because I am still breaking in my new kicks! Cross your fingers for me.

Activities completed:

Thursday: 2 miles (11 min/mile)



So Much Stress

They always say exercise helps stress and anxiety…but what happens when exercising is a part of the cause? You’re in a pickle.

I’ve been pretty anxious lately. I’m busy and I feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done. Between work, play, house chores, working to socialize our new kitten, spending time with loved ones and training, I’m feeling pretty spread thin. It’s been oppressively hot over the last week or so. Training runs are going to be getting longer (meaning it’s going to take longer to finish them). I’m just overwhelmed and feeling a little defeated.

The thing with my anxiety is that it’s worse when it comes to “the idea” of something. I know I am not alone with this kind of thinking. The idea of a long to-do list is worse than the actual “doing.” The idea of an upcoming long run (and dread sometimes) is worse than actually running it.  It’s the uncertainty of “will I finish?” even though I know I WILL finish. A task that takes 5 minutes to complete takes up a half hour in my mind, so on and so forth. I can be the calmest person in times of crisis (that might not be entirely true, though I do a pretty good job at staying grounded and being a rock for others). Why do the little things drive me nuts?

Anyway, I’ve decided that my training is going to be a top priority from this point on. The NYC Marathon is 3 months away. Training will be temporary and over before I know it. There’s no use getting stressed out over something that was supposed to be (challenging) fun. Finishing is important to me, and training should be at the top of my to-do list.

Activities Completed

Tuesday: 3 miles (11:11 min/mile)

Aiming to complete 3-5 miles, 7 miles and 10 miles by Sunday. Wish me luck!

Too Dependent on Diabetes Management Devices

This past weekend proved to me how dependent I am on my diabetes management devices–my insulin pump and my continuous glucose monitor. It’s really sad, actually.

On Friday, I grabbed my PDM (my insulin pump’s “remote control”) to give myself insulin for the first half of my breakfast banana. I’m immediately met with an alarm and a PDM error message.

Long story short, I called customer support, couldn’t reset my device and had to have a new one shipped to me next-day. I hadn’t removed my pod so it would continue to give me basal insulin each hour, but I’d have to use injections to bolus for meals. PANIC. In this moment, my world was crumbling. I had good control, I was in a routine, I was comfortable and this issue threw a huge wrench into my management for several reasons:

  • I could continue to wear my pump, but I couldn’t control it. If my levels were dropping, I couldn’t shut off my base insulin (or increase it if I needed to). Sure, I could have taken it off, but then I would need to inject my long-acting insulin to supplement that basal. However, I haven’t used Lantus in the two years since I got my pump, therefore, I had no clue what my dose would be.
  • I had to inject for meals and corrections. Sure, I did it for almost two years before I used the pump, but my insulin pen only lets me dose in one-unit increments. My pump lets me dose in 0.25-unit increments, allowing for more concise dosing. This was a huge problem for me. Not to mention, that injecting is just a pain. I had to keep excusing myself at a party the other day so I could go to the bathroom and inject insulin any time I visited the snack table. My pump makes it easy to just dose right in the middle of anything. It also does the math for me and tells me how much to dose based on the number of carbs I am eating and my current blood sugar level.
  • I lost all my setup information–my insulin-to-carb ratios, my basal rates throughout the day, etc. etc. This is stuff I knew at some point in time, but I’ve gotten so used to it that I just never thought about those settings anymore. Now I know to write things down when I change them.

All in all…it was a bummer. I spent all weekend correcting highs and chasing lows because I was so thrown off. Exercising was stressful because I was afraid of going low since I couldn’t shut off my basal rate. A mess. It’s over now, but it’s really an eye-opening experience. You never realize how much you depend on these devices to help you live a more care-free life.

Anyway, training has been…going. I’m getting through the mid-week training runs alright, but the long runs have been an issue. I should have run 9 miles last weekend, but I was out of town. I was planning on skipping that 9-miler and going straight to the 10-miler this past weekend, but my stomach wasn’t feeling so great. I pushed it back a few hours yesterday, and when I started, I got to 1 mile before my stomach started acting up again. I pushed and got 3 done. I felt so bad about myself, but I ran another 3 later in the evening once I felt better to make up for some training. I’ve worked it out so that I can get it all in this week. ::Crossing Fingers::

Activities Completed:

  • July 15: 4 miles (11:57 min/mile)
  • July 16: 3 miles (11:07 min/mile)
  • July 20: 3 miles (11:15 min/mile…10:30 min/mile pace for the first 2)
  • July 21: 3 miles (11:06 min/mile)
  • July 24: 5 miles (11:24 min/mile)
  • July 26: 3 miles (12 min/mile) and 3 miles (11:19 min/mile)

In for the Triple Crown!

I have officially registered for the Disney Glass Slipper Challenge! The 2016 event will be my fourth Princess Half Marathon and my third GSC (Enchanted 10K and Princess Half challenge). I also signed up for the Princess 5K. This will be my second year running the triple crown!

11705537_1596915740571563_6455139750719869502_oMy sister is in for her third Enchanted 10K and second Princess 5K, and my husband is running his first Enchanted 10K! So excited! I had only planned to register for the challenge to keep my legacy status, since I have run it since the inaugural event. However, pre-race graphics heavily implied that the theme for the weekend would be “The Little Mermaid.” Ariel has always been my favorite, so I had to take the plunge!

Now, to plan costumes!

A Run in Central Park

I am coming off of a travel high! My sister and I went to New York City this weekend to catch some Broadway shows. NYC is about a six-hour drive from us, so we try to squeeze in as many shows as possible when we go!

This time, I also made it a point to run in Central Park! We generally walk it when we go, but the first/last time I ran there was during the 2013 NYC Half Marathon. It was nice to be back! On Saturday morning, we got up just after 7 to get an early start. It was going to be hot (almost 90 degrees), so I wanted to beat the heat. My sister read a book while I ran. I was super pumped because I bought an NYC Marathon training singlet from NYRR and I couldn’t wait to wear it!

Everything it takes to run with Type 1. Running pack with pockets for supplies (water bottle on my back), insulin pump, CGM, music, Garmin. Sometimes I have to carry a second fuel belt for longer runs!

I started just after the Mall and immediately hit Cat Hill. It took me back to the half two years ago…except it was FREEZING that day. I had contemplated running either 5 or 9 miles, but because of the heat and the fact that we had a matinee to get to, I opted for 5 miles. Rather than doing the full loop around the park, I turned the corner and ran along the Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir. It was beautiful! I wanted to take a photo, but my momentum was great. I didn’t want to risk stopping and ruining it. I kept a pretty consistent pace the first 3 miles (11:03-11:12). Right at mile 3, I stopped to buy some water. I had a small water bottle, but there was only a little bit of warm water left. I also stopped to take a photo at Tavern on the Green, where the NYC Marathon finish line is located! Between mile 4 and 5, I was able to get back down to my original pace, and I met up with my sister back at the Mall. I am super proud and happy with myself…it was hot and there were a lot of hills, but I still ran at a quicker pace than what I had been running before I started training for NYC.

I listened to music, but I tried to take it all in. It was so neat to see all the running groups and people who were wearing their NYRR race/volunteer shirts. I hope I looked like a New York native, too!!

FullSizeRender (1)

My blood sugar levels were a little elevated at the beginning of the run, but it evened out quickly to the 160s and stayed there for the majority of it.

I had planned on possibly completing a short run Sunday morning, but we walked another 6.5 miles throughout the city Saturday and we had some other things to get done, so I figured it was fine. I am excited to go back! Most likely, the next time I run in Central Park, I’ll be running toward the marathon finish line!!

Activities completed:

Saturday: 5 miles (11:33 min/mile)

A Marathon. Am I Crazy??

I wrote about having my first marathon nightmare the other night. Well, I had my first marathon-related panic attack yesterday. Not cute.

On my way home, I was thinking about the 7-miler that I had to get out of the way because I hadn’t had time to do it this weekend. I wrote a reminder on my refrigerator white board (“Heidi, run 7 miles TODAY!!”) and I wrote about it on the blog. I was tired and not feeling a run. And then I started thinking, “If I am dreading these 7 miles, what’s it going to be like with 26.2?” I repeated it. 26.2 miles. And then I felt sick. Am I crazy???

I managed to calm myself down a little bit, but my stomach was in knots and I was having a hard time catching my breath as I made dinner and my husband walked through the door. He helped me with some breathing exercises, but it still didn’t work. I needed to sit. I needed to lie down. I needed to catch my breath. What was wrong with me and how could I run like this?! I kept telling myself to get a grip–I am fully aware I have anxiety, and when it hits, it makes it better to acknowledge it.

As we sat down to eat, I was still having a hard time. Finally, I just blurted out, “What if I can’t do this?” My husband simply said, “No one is making you.” He helped me realize that while everyone is supporting me, I wouldn’t disappoint them if I ran the marathon in 7 hours, or walked a big chunk of it or even somehow couldn’t do it. But even though I know I can finish, sometimes I put too much pressure on myself and I need to give myself the “option” not to run or not to finish (even though I don’t usually take the out). So as he talked, I could physically feel this weight lifting.

I ate my dinner and finished the 7 miles last night. And I felt great. The mind is a crazy thing.


Activity completed:

Tuesday: 7 miles (11:47 min/mile)

Make Me Run 7 Miles Today

Well, I called it. A weekend away at camp during the Fourth of July broke my “in-range” streak. I made it from last Tuesday evening to Saturday at around noon…super proud of myself. Wanna know what set things off? Eating a whole banana for breakfast. D’oh! The rest of the weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster, with mainly high levels. I was disappointed.

On Sunday, I ran 4 miles…I dosed some insulin with dinner and shut off my basal. I was hanging out in the low 100s and chose to stop at 3 miles because I was in the 80s with a slight arrow down. I’m always so scared of dropping low during a run, which is why I usually don’t dose at all. I have to work on figuring out the best way to do this so I don’t spike really high during a run. I figured 3 miles were good enough, but as soon as I stopped, the arrow changed upwards and I was able to make it another mile as I finished my “Pushing Daisies” episode.

Activity completed:

Sunday: 4 miles (11:25 min/mile)

I should have done 7 miles yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling so hot. It was a mixture of anxiety and my blood sugar, I am sure. I changed my CGM site on Sunday (ouch), and my readings just weren’t accurate. New sites suck because it takes a few days for them to calibrate properly. So I was feeling a certain way, but my receiver was saying something else. I’d test with finger sticks, obviously, but I didn’t know what direction my levels were headed. Funny how we become so dependent on technology. I’ve only been using this thing for almost three months and it just seems like the norm now. Anyway, it seems to have gotten under control. Even though I chose to rest, I still made myself get up and take a walk–my husband and I took his dog out for a walk, so that was good.

I’ve been in range since last night, and I’m feeling better. My goal is to get those 7 miles done tonight. I had my first marathon nightmare last night. In it, I wasn’t chosen to participate in the NYC Marathon, but my sister was. We were trying to see if she could give her spot to me because I had already started training. Oh boy…just less than four months to go and I am already having anxiety.

Let’s do this!!!