Jinxed Myself

Well, things certainly took a turn for the worst not long after I hit the post button on Friday’s blog about how I was rocking diabetes management last week.

On my way home from work, I started to feel funny–when I checked my CGM, I noticed my blood sugar was dropping. I hurried to shut off my insulin and I grabbed a bag of Skittles from my bag. I was about a half mile from home, but my levels continued to drop.

That really set the tone for this weekend. I spent the entire evening on the diabetes rollercoaster. My levels were in the 200s and 300s all throughout the night, despite the fact that I would wake up and give myself insulin. It would not budge. That is, until Saturday morning, when I woke up to rapidly dropping levels…I was in the 50s by the time I got to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

I went out for a run mid-morning…I felt fine, but my CGM alarmed loudly, alerting me that I was LOW. That freaked me out…luckily, I was on my block and hurried home to test. Nope. I was at 190. Once I got it all worked out, I set out again, only to be greeted by the ??? on my CGM. Great. I completed 5.1 miles (10:45 min/mile pace and longest since the marathon-whoop), and changed my CGM sensor, but again, I took a ride on the diabetes rollercoaster.

Sunday was the same thing. High…normal…super high…dropping fast…CGM receiver malfunction. I reset it and it seems to be working fine, but then I had to restart the sensor, and sit through another two-hour calibration period, which I had already done on Saturday. I ran 2 miles on the treadmill but couldn’t do more because I was dropping. A this point, I was so sick of eating to correct lows because I had been doing it all weekend. Went low again before bed.

My skin has been having a weird reaction to my insulin pump. The corner of the pump keeps rubbing against my skin on my back and creating tape burn or something, and it hurts. It’s not bad enough to stop wearing it all together, but it’s creating marks/scars and it’s painful.


I try to be positive about diabetes the majority of the time, but I feel defeated. I’m so over it.

Let’s hope this week is better.




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