December Run Challenge: Week 1

Toying around with the idea of running at least one mile a day in December was short-lived. Making time to run is obviously always an issue, but when you throw diabetes into the mix, it’s almost impossible. I had every intention of running on Friday, and despite my best efforts to get out there for at least one mile, my blood sugar didn’t cooperate. So, there went that.

Instead, I am trying to focus on a more realistic goal– hitting 600 miles for the year by Dec. 31. Even if I can’t get a run in every day, I am going to try my hardest to get to those 600 miles. As of today, I still have 61.2 miles to go. If I do run every day, that averages to about 2.4 miles a day until the end of the year. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy either.

I’ve been struggling with my knee issues again. Not sure where it came from, but the pain came back when I was starting to run again after the marathon. It got really bad on Thanksgiving. It goes away, but then comes back mid-run or right after a run. I’m experiencing the usual symptoms–stiffness, popping of the knee, soreness when bending/using stairs. However, a new symptom is tenderness when I press on my knee cap. No fun. It always works itself out, so let’s hope for some relief soon.

It’s been getting really dark out before 5 p.m. I ran outside the other night along my usual 2-mile route, and luckily, it’s well-lit. That is good for nights when I want to get a quick run in. If I want to run longer, I might just stick to the treadmill. I have been experiencing issues with my CGM when I run outside in the cold, though. It displays the “???” or hourglass because it can’t get a reading, which was an issue for me that night. I had gone out for a quick 2 miles and stuffed my phone, CGM receiver and OmniPod PDM into the pockets of my NYC Marathon Finisher’s jacket. Right after showing that my levels were dropping at the 1-mile mark, my CGM immediately gave me the “???” symbol. I got home only to find that I was locked out and my husband was showering. I was forced to sit around and wait in the cold, rather than continue running to warm up because I didn’t know what my levels were and if they were still dropping. Sure, I can typically feel what’s going on, but when it’s cold and I am running, there are too many other factors to consider and it throws me off. It’s really annoying.

Yesterday, I went out for what I was hoping would be 5 miles, but about 2.5 miles in, my knee hurt a lot. I decided to just run a 5k and call it a day.

Activities this Week

Wednesday: 4 miles (11:53 min/mile)

Thursday: 2.1 miles (10:16 min/mile)

Sunday: 3.1 miles (10:53 min/mile)




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